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      1. Run source of harvest

        For the agricultural harvest, the granaries to fight!

        Corn harvester

        Grain combine harvester

        Rice harvester

        Stockbreeding machine

        The tractor

        The crankshaft

        Product module design

        Using advanced 3D digital design: Product Digital pre assembly and design; kinematic simulation for performance critical parts; finite element analysis of critical load parts; the whole structure optimization design; machine design; control optimization design and ergonomics simulation; design concept is more advanced and higher efficiency.




        grain unloading system…

        corn concave board


        Advanced workshop, assembly line and coating lines, the world first-class laser cutting machine, robot welding equipment, CNC bending machine, CNC CNC machining center, and sheet metal processing equipment, first-class manufacturing process and independent of the spare parts supply system.

        Сеть сбыта

        В настоящее время выложить источник товаров, более 600 сбытовая база, часть продукции в США, россии, южной кореи, стран юго-восточной азии, африки и 30 стран и регионов.

        The sales network

        At present there are more than 600 sales outlets, embellish source products some products exported to the United States, Russia, South Korea, southeast Asia, Africa and other 30 countries and regions.


        "Embellish source" products adhere to automatic and intelligent as the direction, large, with advanced technology, high-quality products, perfect network for our customers to provide quality, fast service, make contributions to world agriculture!

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